Seminar in Analytical Chemistry

The objective involves calculations in analytical chemistry and solution of model situations from social practice, which are discussed in daily press and information media. Students will solve case studies from biochemistry, biotechnology, and other natural sciences. The current use of analytical chemistry methods and their future potential and an outline of their development trends will be discussed. Students will get acquainted with the possibility of analysis of biomedical, environmental, food and pharmaceutical samples.


  • History of analytical chemistry in the context of the development of society.
  • Methodology of analytical procedure.
  • Working characteristics of the analytical methods. Calculation of measurement errors.
  • Examples of the use of sample preparation procedures in chemical analysis.
  • Analytical use of neutralization, precipitation, redox and complexometric titrations.
  • Chemical stoichiometry.
  • Analytical applications of equilibrium potentiometry, voltammetry, coulometry and conductometry.
  • Analytical applications of atomic spectrometry methods.
  • Analytical applications of molecular spectrometry and non-spectral optical methods.
  • Analytical applications of mass spectrometry.
  • Application of separation methods in chemical analysis.
  • The combined application of analytical methods to solve selected analytical problems.
  • Practical examples of the use of analytical techniques in chemical analysis procedures in solving current practical problems.

Individual topics of seminar work will include examples of practical use of analytical techniques mentioned above in food, environmental and pharmaceutical analysis and bioanalysis.

Course evaluation

  • Seminar – a maximum of 100 points,
    for active participation in seminars – a maximum of 30 points.
    for elaboration and presentation of a seminar paper – a maximum of 70 points.

Overall Course Evaluation

92 - 100% A
84 - 91% B
76 - 83% C
68 - 75% D
60 - 67% E
0 - 59% FX

Suggested readings

  • D.A. Skoog, F.J. West, F.J. Holler, S.R. Crouch: Analytical Chemistry. An Introduction, Saunders Coll. Publ., 2000.
  • Current monographic and original article literature and information sources on the Internet.
  • Original and review articles in scientific journals.