Introduction to Bioanalysis

Chemistry students will become familiar with the information about recent state of bioanalytical chemistry and with sampling techniques and methods of biological samples processing. The object is useful also for students of biochemistry or biology interested in analytical techniques devoted to investigation of wide range of biomolecules, e.g. hormones, amino acids, peptides,, proteins, nucleic acids, saccharides etc. The topic supports interdisciplinary character of bioanalysis through education in electrophoresis, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, biosensors, biotests, DNA and proteins sequenation, combination of PCR and analytical end methods. The content of the objective is complementary to the knowledge that is usually not involved in common textbooks on analytical chemistry. Student will be co-solver of case study problems from the field of biochemistry, biotechnology and the other natural science branches. Discussion of recent analytical methods possibilities in selected fields will take place also. The objective is taught in two forms. Theoretical aspects and calculus basics are taught by lectures and seminars, respectively.

Sylabus prednášok (Syllabus)

  1. Definition of field of interest, problems, strategies, procedures, methods, applications and the state-of-art of bioanalysis in the science system of analytical chemistry.
  2. Biologically distinct molecules and need of their determination in biological samples.
  3. Specific properties and characteristics of biological samples (microbiological, biotechnological, plant, animal, food), sample stability and source of errors, sampling rules, storage, processing and pretreatment before measurement.
  4. Clinical samples - blood, serum, plasma, urine, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, tissues.
  5. Diagnostic and clinical analysis. Utilization of biochemical and biological principles for the purpose of chemical analysis of selected substances.
  6. Specific instrumentation requirements for bioanalysis.
  7. Solid phase extraction in bioanalysis, biochromatography, denaturation chromatography, electroseparation methods, high resolution mass spectrometry. Specific requirements conditioned both by the character of biosamples and restrictions posed by their analysis.
  8. Bioanalysis in genomics. Relations of bioseparation methods and PCR.
  9. Molecular recognition – biotests, biosensors, DNA-Arrays. Nucleic acids - amplification and sequenation  from the point-of-view of basic parameters of chemical analysis.
  10. Bioanalysis in proteomics. Protein sequenation. Problems of validation in bioanalysis of biomacromolecules.
  11. Chemical analysis of metabolites - metabolomics, metabolonomics. The other „omics“. Criteria for data processing and results interpretation in bioanalysis. Biological samples variability.
  12. Trends in development of analytical instrumentation and equipment. Biocompatibility of construction materials. Analytical instrumentation and equipment sanitation and sterilization methods in bioanalysis. Seminar work.

Hodnotenie predmetu (Grading policy)

There will be one running written test for 20 points, during the semester on seminars, and evaluation of seminar work for 20 points - in summary maximum 40 points. Final exam related to lecture topics will consist of 60-point test. For clarification of boundary test results it is possible to require additional oral answer to the question for maximum 4 points included. Overal grade will consist of summary evaluation of final exam, seminar test and seminar work according to formula (0.6 x % final exam) + (0.4 x % seminar test and seminar work) = resulting %. 

Celkové hodnotenie predmetu

92 - 100 % A
84 - 91 % B
76 - 83 % C
68 - 75 % D
60 - 67 % E
0 - 59 % FX

Študijný materiál a Obsluha prístroja

    Odporúčaná literatúra (Suggested readings)

    • Manz A, Pamme  N., Iossifidi D., Bioanalytical Chemistry, Imperial College Press, London 2004
    • Evans G. (ed.) A Handbook of Bioanalysis and Drug Metabolism, CRC Press 2004
    • Mitchelson K., New High Throughput Technologies for DNA Sequencing and Genomics, Elsevier 2007
    • Venn R.F., Principles and Practice of Bioanalysis, CRC Press, 2003;
    • Actual information in scientific journals - Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Journal of Bioanalysis and Biomedicine, Bioseparation, Journal Chromatography B, Journal of Separation Science, Electrophoresis and others.