Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry

 Research activities of the Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry

- Identification of low- and high-molecular substances in multicomponent mixtures by mass spectrometry techniques.

- Analysis of drugs and their metabolites by advanced mass spectrometry techniques.

- Monitoring of fragmentation and reaction mechanisms of low- and high-molecular substances.

- Monitoring the influence of the composition of complex matrices of bio- and environmental origin on the signal in mass spectrometry.

- Analysis of multicomponent mixtures of substances in bio- and environmental matrices by combinations of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques.


Instrumentation of Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry 

High-resolution mass spectrometer LC-IT-TOF MS (Shimadzu) enabling qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances present in multicomponent matrices even at trace concentration levels.

LC-IT-TOF MS combines ion trap (IT) enabling a detailed analysis of the structure of an unknown substance and time - of - flight (TOF) analyzer enabling the measurement of ion masses with an accuracy of +/- 0.0001%.


Bachelor´s degree:

Paulína Kováčová

Veronika Tóthová


Master´s degree :

Bc. Andrea Slamová


Doctoral studies:

Mgr. Erika Mordačíková

Mgr. Lucia Hojová