Gas chromatography laboratory

Scientific-research profile of the laboratory

  • Development of new gas chromatographic (GC) methods for the determination of organic substances in complex matrices using various selective sensitive detectors (MSD, ECD)
  • GC-MSD analysis and characterization of environmental samples, biological samples, petrochemical samples, forensic samples, etc.
  • Development of methods for the analysis of high-boiling substances (beeswax, fats, earwax, etc.) using border conditions (low-pressure, high-temperature and ultra-fast GC)
  • Development of sample preparation methods before GC analysis (exhalation gases, blood plasma, urine, hair, nails, saliva, sebum, forensic samples after fires, samples of environmental accidents, etc.)
  • Close cooperation with industrial partners in solving technological problems in the production of natural aromas, 2nd generation biofuels and the production of special chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry.



  • Gas chromatographs with flame-ionization detection (GC-FID) from Agilent Technologies and Thermo Scientific
  • Multidimensional gas chromatograph (GC x GC) with cryostatic modulation
  • Gas chromatographs with 1D mass-spectrometric detection (GC-qMS)
  • Gas chromatographs with tandem mass spectrometer (GC-MS/MS)
  • Molecular distillation equipment
  • Equipment for high-efficiency distillation of aroma-active substances



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